Thursday, March 24, 2011

March 2011 - Tiny Glimpse Into My Life

I have a habit of assessing (all too much really) where I am in my life, on any given day. Today, out of the blue, I felt like writing about it.
I've immersed myself into about a dozen projects for the year and while all altruistic on its face, I'm doing it selfishly to try and get over my "broken" heart. Truth is, no one's heart is broken if a love affair doesn't pan out but it sure as hell feels like it sometimes doesn't it?

This one was special and I'm telling you, only haven fallen this hard twice before, this one was "the ONE". But it also really did run its course. It couldn't go anywhere but where it ended, so why am I fretting? I guess I'm not. I guess I'm just marveling at the fact that sometimes we have to feel as though we have gone through hell and back to get ourselves geared up to do the things we want to really do with our lives.

So while everyone is imagining that I'm this wonderful and giving person (and well, yes I think I am) I also know that it's because of someone I love that I am pushing myself to do the things I was afraid to do. I challenge myself everyday and push myself to all boundaries, not because I am fearless but moreso because if I sit around, all I'm going to do is wish that the relationship could have gone further. Regardless of the fact that it simply wasn't meant to.

So, three months into 2011 (The Year Of The Cash Cow - cuz, this cow needs cash! LOL) I find myself coordinating HS reunions in a number of different states, reuniting with old and new classmates, writing a children's book, producing and directing NOT one but TWO cooking shows, a music video, commissioning a love song, promoting poets who by the way are brilliant and soulful and in a niche all their own, J Skye and Christine-Jean Blain, attending photo shoots, organizing wrestling matches, sponsoring award ceremonies but most of all, doing what I love, promoting the non profit organizations nearest and dearest to my heart.

The Center For Educational Pathways (Comic Book Project and Youth Music Exchange)
Just Tell
X-Mental University

So much for love right. Nah, it's love that got me here and it's love, albeit unrequited, that makes me better than I ever could have imagined I would ever become. Best of all, he knows it too.

Ok, over and out...

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