Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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Center for Educational Pathways Announces Celebrity Musical Mentor ANWAR ROBINSON

Anwar Robinson, Musician, Educator, American Idol Finalist joins the party at The Youth Music Exchange program for the Center for Educational Pathways

New York, NY March 31, 2011 – The Center for Educational Pathways (CEP) is pleased to announce the addition of celebrity educator and musician Anwar Robinson to the Youth Music Exchange family. In his role as musical mentor, Anwar will be helping to spread the word about the positive results being garnered from the program. Anwar hopes to grow and maintain relationships with the children all over the country and abroad who have received this program through their school and communities.

Anwar brings nearly 20 years of professional musical as well as educational experience to his new role. Most recently, Anwar is teaching Music Appreciation to our young children in Elizabeth New Jersey while conducting a full fledged musician’s schedule surrounding his latest CD release, “Everything”. Anwar has always stayed actively involved in community works whether he was touring or performing on stage.

The Center for Educational Pathways, directed by Dr. Michael Bitz has been a part of the educational community for 10 years now, starting with the globally popular Comic Book Project and has provided their programs to over hundreds of schools across the nation, as well as in Mexico and Zimbabwe, Africa. The Youth Music Exchange is youth-managed record labels inside schools and afterschool programs across the US.

In his first appearance as mentor, Anwar hopes to surprise students from the Manley Career Academy, run by James Walton, Jr., in Chicago, Illinois on May 6th, where a group tested out the program and cut their very own CD. The venue is the Bethel New Life located at 1140 N Lamon Avenue, Chicago IL 60651. The youth are being honored with their very own community CD Release Party and the festivities begin at 6pm.

For radio, satellite or print interviews with Dr. Michael Bitz, please contact the Center for Educational Pathway offices at 917-674-0014.

For radio, satellite or print interviews with Anwar Robinson, please contact his Management Team: Savoy Walker and Mark Forrest of SAVVY-Marketing Entertainment Group at: or 973-230-7560.

More information about the Comic Book Project, The Youth Music Exchange and other new programs coming soon are available at The Center for Educational Pathways website

Friday, March 25, 2011

Help Elisa and Nathan in their Joint Fight Against Cancer:

Help Elisa and Nathan in their Joint Fight Against Cancer:

No one could know what it feels like to be told that you only ha ve months or days to live.
We all take for granted that it's years but in fact, even those could be just as many months away as this couple have.

I hope they can spend their time with as little worry as possible so that they can enjoy every possible moment with their child.

Please help spread the word.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

March 2011 - Tiny Glimpse Into My Life

I have a habit of assessing (all too much really) where I am in my life, on any given day. Today, out of the blue, I felt like writing about it.
I've immersed myself into about a dozen projects for the year and while all altruistic on its face, I'm doing it selfishly to try and get over my "broken" heart. Truth is, no one's heart is broken if a love affair doesn't pan out but it sure as hell feels like it sometimes doesn't it?

This one was special and I'm telling you, only haven fallen this hard twice before, this one was "the ONE". But it also really did run its course. It couldn't go anywhere but where it ended, so why am I fretting? I guess I'm not. I guess I'm just marveling at the fact that sometimes we have to feel as though we have gone through hell and back to get ourselves geared up to do the things we want to really do with our lives.

So while everyone is imagining that I'm this wonderful and giving person (and well, yes I think I am) I also know that it's because of someone I love that I am pushing myself to do the things I was afraid to do. I challenge myself everyday and push myself to all boundaries, not because I am fearless but moreso because if I sit around, all I'm going to do is wish that the relationship could have gone further. Regardless of the fact that it simply wasn't meant to.

So, three months into 2011 (The Year Of The Cash Cow - cuz, this cow needs cash! LOL) I find myself coordinating HS reunions in a number of different states, reuniting with old and new classmates, writing a children's book, producing and directing NOT one but TWO cooking shows, a music video, commissioning a love song, promoting poets who by the way are brilliant and soulful and in a niche all their own, J Skye and Christine-Jean Blain, attending photo shoots, organizing wrestling matches, sponsoring award ceremonies but most of all, doing what I love, promoting the non profit organizations nearest and dearest to my heart.

The Center For Educational Pathways (Comic Book Project and Youth Music Exchange)
Just Tell
X-Mental University

So much for love right. Nah, it's love that got me here and it's love, albeit unrequited, that makes me better than I ever could have imagined I would ever become. Best of all, he knows it too.

Ok, over and out...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


On Friday March 11th, Williamsburg was a buzz with poets and artists ready to wow the eager crowd. Papo ‘Swiggity’ Santiago and George ‘Urban Jobaro’ Torres, creator of Sofrito For Your Soul (an online social networking blog for the hippest Latinos in the city) partnered to bring their fans more of what they love and a few other surprises. What was to celebrate four years of placing the Spoken Word on stage, Capicu Poetry and Culture Showcase had outdone itself again.

Felipe Luciano, famed newscaster was the featured poet for the evening and it was no holds barred. This raw and intimate side of the legendary activist shook everyone to their very core.

Sponsored by big businesses like Best Buy, their program also carried so many wonderful smaller minority owned businesses within our diverse city.

For more information on the latest Capicu and Sofrito for Your Soul Poetry Events or fund raisers, contact George Torres at or visit Sofrito

For Your Soul at and Capicu Poetry and Culture Showcase site at


You can feel the electricity in the air at Kid Kelley’s gym in East New York. The thunderous sounds of bodies being slammed on the mats in the ring aren’t ones of fighters being defeated but of skilled wrestling artisans home grown from our very borough. Brooklyn has it all now, with the Doghouse Xtreme Wrestling Team, spearheaded by Pro-Wrestlers Frankie Starz (Frank Roberto) and Black Rhino (Dameon Slugga)

Watching these new kids and these veterans of the ring work together for their up and coming matches starting April 30th was awe-inspiring. Keep your eyes on Chris Melendez, Army Veteran who returned from the war due to the loss of his leg, but that doesn’t stop him from being a force to be reckoned with in the ring. Opponents take care. If you love wrestling, it’s time to see it up close and very personal.

After meeting with Starz and Slugga, it was wonderful to find out that they included in their plans to provide wrestling lessons for neighborhood kids and they would include mentoring by speaking to schools about the business aspect of the sport along with sportsmanship. Many students are going to be in for a treat. One of their speakers is Evan Ginzburg, Associate Producer of the critically-acclaimed movie, "The Wrestler" which starred Academy Award winning actor Mickey Rourke (who won the Oscar for this very role) and Academy Award Winning Actress Marissa Tomei.

For more information on how to have them come to your school to speak to your local wrestling teams or future event dates and tickets, email Frankie Starz at or go to his network page at