Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Parenting & Politics

Funny, I was never interested in becoming a "politician" but that is exactly what happened when I joined the PTA.

I went from bake and candy sales to testifying before the NYC Council and even going to LA to speak about how hard it was being a single mom interested and totally INVESTED in participating in my kids' education.

Seven years later, with one in college and two more to follow, I feel as if I'm still fighting City Hall.

Below is my current battle for all of you NYC moms (and dads) but I'm always interested in what any parent who participates in what their kids are learning thinks.

On July 17th, the House Committee on Education and Labor will have a hearing, "Mayor and Superintendent Partnerships in Education: Closing the Achievement Gap". ...

What's Goin' On In the Schools of NYC? &

and the Youth Researchers For A New Education System has a survey of 500 NYC public school students and young adults!

A diverse group from all over New York City (NYC) who have come together for a common goal: to be instruments of change in the NYC public school system. Because of our experiences as public school students and now researchers on public schools, we are yearning for something enormous: radical change within the NYC public education systemWe are an independent youth organization that worked on this project in partnership with the 'Education is a Human Right

Campaign', and two member groups of that campaign, The National Center for Schools and Communities at Fordham

University (NCSC) and the Independent Commission on Public Educatiion. (iCOPE)

for more documentation please check out our "PA-RANT" sites at: http// &

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